Best Brand: A Corporate, listing, multi-purpose Drupal theme

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Drupal 4U Notes: 
  • Best Brand is marketed as "a Corporate, a Product (and Service) Listing and a Commerce theme"; nevertheless it can be very easily customized as a blog/magazine theme or to serve as an information portal
  • Corporate. Listing. Multi-purpose. This Drupal theme is responsive, flexible & carefully crafted to the last detail. Focused on helping you present your products & services. Best Brand Pro & Best Brand Enterprise come bundled with Drupal Commerce providing you a turnkey e-commerce solution right after installation.
Key Features: 
  • Easy setup with installation profile: With its built-in installation profile it’s easy to run a clean installation of Best Brand and have it up and running in a minute. Right after that, all you have to do is replace the "dummy" content with yours and your site is ready.
  • Best Brand Pro & Best Brand Enterprise come bundled with Drupal Commerce providing you a turnkey e-commerce solution right after installation. Use the extra, built-in installation profile1 to setup your Drupal-powered e-commerce site with all the greatness Drupal Commerce brings along.
  • Built with SEO in mind: Carefully crafted to comply with all the best practices recommended for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), like supporting clean URLs. Thoroughly tested to ensure full compatibility with all major SEO-related Drupal modules and practices.
  • Social media integration: "Connect with us" links are built-in right into the design and functionality helping you maximize your interaction with users. Comes with built-in twitter integration using the Twitter, OAuth and Views modules.
  • Region-rich, yet without risk: Comes with a wealth of custom regions: Header top left, Header top right, Header left, Header right, Navigation, Banner, Highlighted, Promoted area, Content, First sidebar, Bottom first, Bottom second, Bottom third, Footer first, Footer second, Footer third, Footer bottom left and Footer bottom right. Yet it’s end-to-end compliant to the default Drupal regions.
  • Responsive layout: Best Brand adjusts optimally to the width of the browser it is viewed on. As a result, it looks awesome regardless it’s a desktop computer, smartphone or tablet your visitors are using.
  • Superfish menus: Best Brand integrates with the Superfish module supporting gorgeous multi-level drop-down menus with smooth motion. Included is the relocating of sub-menus & hyperlink menu descriptions when they’d appear outside the browser window area.
Drupal Version: 
HTML5 and CSS3
Drupal Commerce
View-based slideshow
2 and 3 column
Color schemes: 
Orange, Blue, Red, Green, Pink and Gray.
Multiple font-schemes
Installation profile: 
Custom regions: 
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