Catalog+: A Drupal 8 mega-theme to help you list products and services

Drupal 4U Rating
Technical Quality: 
  • A Drupal 8 mega-theme to help you level up the way you list products, services, and customer stories. With brand new features, on top of our standard 200 — and a flexible design that can adjust to any brand.
Key Features: 
  • Save time & effort thanks to the special Content Types. Why build Drupal stuff from scratch? Catalog+ is a great time-saver, with its special Content Types, including: “Service”, “Product”, “Team member”, “Testimonial” and “Client Showcase”, so you can quickly and easily present what’s great about your catalog, products and services.
  • Countdown Block Module to help you make impressive announcements. Need to announce a time-limited sale? To count down the time for the release of a new product or service? Do so in an impressive way, with our custom Countdown Block Module. Not only you can set your messages, button text, and timeline, you can even customize the style of the block to make the most of it.
  • Take control of what’s important in your images. Have portrait images on a landscape canvas or the reverse and fretting over what will your users see in various parts of your site? You can now crop, drag, zoom and refocus your images right within Drupal, thanks to the built-in integration with Image Widget Crop.
  • Level up your SEO game with metatags. Feed search engines with meta information for every page of your website and help improve your rankings. Powered by the Metatag module.
  • Make it easy for your visitors and customers to reach you. Get your visitors and customers to reach out via live chat or by leaving you a message, quickly and easily. Powered by Purechat.
  • 200+ theme settings to customize your site. Unparalleled flexibility with 200+ (yes, 200+) theme settings to help you customize your site, with alternative color schemes, headers, Views layouts, animation options, slideshow settings and more.
  • Keep your users engaged with the built-in infinite scroll. Let your users view more items per page with the click of a button or automatically. Powered by the Views Infinite Scroll module.
  • Cookie Consent Block Module. Required to place a Cookie Consent message on your site, as per the EU cookie law? No worries, it’s now easier than ever, with our custom Cookie Consent Block Module. Available with the Pro and Enterprise versions.
Drupal Version: 
Bootstrap 4; HTML5 and CSS3
Revolution Slider
One, 2 and 3-column layouts
Color schemes: 
Turquoise, Blue, Gray, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red
@font-your-face (Google font,, local fonts); Font Awesome;
Installation profile: 
Custom regions: 
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