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How to add rel=“author” attribute / the Google+ Publisher tag to Drupal

The rel=author property is supported by the Drupal 7 Metatags module. After installing the metatags module, go to admin/config/search/metatags, and edit the front-page or one of the node pages. Under 'Advanced' you will see the author and publisher fields where you can input your google+ page URL.

How to add rel=“author” attribute / the Google+ Publisher tag to Drupal

The "best" Social Media modules

Best means for me: Easy to configure, easy to handle, flexible and reliable. Recommended modules for the integration of social media into your Drupal website.

The "best" Drupal Rating modules

Best means in this case: Easy to install, configure & handle, flexible and reliable. Furthermore this attribute requires that the module is “Under active development” and that a stable version for Drupal 7 and at least a development version for Drupal 8 is available.

Drupal star rating module

How to remove the preview button on a Drupal 8 contact form

This howto shows you 2 ways how you can easily remove the preview button from a Drupal 8 contact form (included in core).

Option 1. Use hook_form_alter()

One proposal is to utilize hook_form_alter() to strip out the preview button form element in any form. We did not test this solution, but according to the feedbacks on it seem to work.

Drupal 8 work

The best Drupal modules for the integration of Instagram

Recently we reviewed and tested the available modules for the integration of instagram into a Drupal website.

Instagram for Drupal

The best Drupal CAPTCHA modules

On most Drupal websites there are some kind of forms that require the submission of data. Be it a simple contact form or a commenting functionality for blog entries or other content types. If so, you definitively need a way to protect these forms from SPAM.

One way to do so is the integration of the CAPTCHA functionality: A CAPTCHA is a challenge-response test most often placed within web forms to determine whether the user is human.

The best Drupal CAPTCHA modules

The must have Drupal modules for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The modules listed in this article provide the most basic functionality regarding Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). They guarantee that your website is indexed by the most important search engines and that your content is displayed properly in the search results. They also provide you the most basic functionality required to grow your search result impressions/clicks and to improve the ranking of your content.

Use Views and the Option "Rewrite Results" to create stylish hover effects for Images

If you've spent any time with Drupal, you've heard of — and likely installed — the Views module. If you haven't, then you're very likely working harder than you need to! Views is Drupal's query builder, enabling you to create lists of just about anything, as well as providing basic formatting and the ability to do basic formatting of your items.

How to display search results as views

If you want to configure the appearance of the search result and/or improve the search results, the views module offers you a quick and very easy way to do so. With this solution you can 1. configure how the results look like i.e. what kind of fields are displayed and how the display is arranged and 2. determine how the results should be filtered and sorted.

Use the Drupal module "Node clone" to easily clone webforms

This howto shows you how you can easily and quickly clone a webform using the Drupal module "Node clone"

Drupal module node clone


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