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How to disable the breadcrumb or menu trail using Drupal?

Breadcrumbs, breadcrumb trail or menu trail is a navigation aid used in user interfaces. It allows users to keep track of their locations within programs or documents.

The best and most stylish free Drupal 8 themes: Ready to go! (2017)

With the Drupal 8 launch and its further development towards maturity, it is time to have a look at the best free Drupal 8 themes available. Doing so it was our aim to identify the most stylish and best free Drupal 8 themes that are „ready to go“. There are not many such themes available that meet our standard, but we identified a couple of really great free themes fulfilling the following criteria.

The best one page parallax themes for Drupal 8 and 7 (2017)

Surreal -  Responsive One Page Parallax Theme

With one page design I don't necessarily mean that the website consists only of one single page. It means that the website has a design that allows to display all the core contents on one page. Beside that it should be easily possible to add further contents separately. Only that way the advantages of a one page design can be balanced with necessities that might come-up in the perspective of SEO.

Use the module Responsive Menus to easily add a choice of responsive menus

Responsive Menus

Frequently it might happen that you implement a responsive theme but that you are not satisfied with responsive menu included. The module Responsive Menus offers you a very easy and quick way to add professional, simple and lightweight responsive menus to your theme.

How to enable Superfish menu in Danland/Danblog theme?

Selecting "Show as expanded" for menu items to be used with Superfish menu

Step-by-step instructions how to enable the Superfish menu within the Danland theme or Danblog subtheme (Drupal 7).

The best free and paid themes for Drupal Commerce

Drupal 4U tested the best paid and free themes that seemlessly integrate with Drupal Commerce. Below you find our choice of best themes with a rating regarding design, technical quality, adaptability, administration and SEO.

How to find the best Drupal themes on ThemeForest / Envato Market

Drupal themes on ThemeForest / Envato Market

Towards the end of 2015 you'll find more than 300 Drupal themes on ThemeForest / Envato Market. Most of them are nicely presented and look great in the provided demo. Hence it is sometimes not so easy to identify the right theme. This article provides you some tips how you can select the best Drupal themes on ThemeForest / Envato Market.

The most popular high-quality multi-page themes for Drupal 2015

Drupal 4U recommends the best Drupal themes available (what we mean by that can be found here). Below the most popular multi-page themes among them (2015). Enjoy!

The most popular high-quality Drupal themes for eCommerce 2015

Drupal 4U recommends the best Drupal themes available (what we mean by that can be found here). Below the most popular Drupal themes with eCommerce support (Drupal Commerce and Ubercart). Enjoy!

Enjoy the new comparision function to compare the rating and features of the best Drupal themes

Drupal4U themes section

Drupal4U tested and rated the best free and paid Drupal themes for you. We recommend these themes because we think that they incorporate a great design and because they are of high quality. Beside the technology this includes the aspects of administration and online marketing. We believe that a great theme is easy to customize & administer and was built with all aspects of online marketing in mind.


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