How to choose, download and install additional themes?

Themes allow you to change the look and feel of your website. If you install the standard version of Drupal 7, it comes along with the Bartik, Seven, Garland and Stark themes having the Bartik theme as default. If you want to change to another pre-installed theme you can do it under "Appearance" by setting your theme of choice as default. Probably you want to choose another theme for your website. This howto will give you step-by-step instructions how to choose, download and install a theme.

Step 1: 
Browse and Choose theme

On the Drupal website you find a good choice of Themes. If you open the site the first time, the themes will be sorted according to the number of installations. It might be an advantage to choose a theme which is used by a broad range of websites, because this means that there are more people who report and fix possible problems and who help to further develop the theme. Some of the themes are pretty much ready-to-use and easy to handle, others needs a lot of extra configuration and are more complex. As a beginner I recommend you to use a theme that is often used, ready-to-use and easy to handle (Good examples are: Fusion, Marinelli, Danland and CorporateClean).

List of Drupal themes
Step 2: 
Download theme

Download the theme from the theme site (bottom) and extract the archive to


Theme download section
Step 3: 
Activate theme and set as default

Now you can find the new theme under "Appearance" within the section "Disabled themes". Select "Enable and set default" to enable and activate the theme.

Enabling of new theme and setting it as default
Step 4: 
Test and start with the configuration

Now you can visit the homepage of your website. There you should see the new theme. If there are any problems you can always switch back to the last theme which was working. If everything went fine you can now start with the configuration of the theme. To do so go to "Appearance" and select "Settings". Depending on the theme you have some or many configuration options which you can change with this user interface. If you want to change the layout/appearance beyond these possibilities, you can do so by modifying .css file(s).


Drupal themes to be compared