Visit our new section with recommended Drupal themes. We recommend them because we think that they incorporate a great design and because they are of high quality. Beside the technology, this includes especially also the aspects administration and online marketing.


More and more Drupal 8 themes are being published beginning 2018. We reviewed for you the best Drupal 8 themes available on the market.
Drupal 8 quality themes with the most awesome and outstanding design (2018). We've chosen for you the Drupal 8 quality themes with the best design.
User Default Page and Login Destination allow you to customize the destination a user is redirected to after logging in, registering or logging out.
An outstanding Drupal 8 theme that fits perfectly for portfolio and creative studio sites. Enjoy the flexibility of the Drupal Paragraphs module.
A modern Drupal 8 theme with 200+ theme settings for presenting products, services, articles, and testimonials. Incorporates a truly outstanding design.
A gorgeous Drupal 8 tourism theme with 200+ theme settings. Centered around rentals and destinations. Easy adaptable for any kind of business.
A Drupal 8 theme for creatives, trendsetters and any other purpose. State-of-the-art and highly flexible. With a clean, minimal design and hundreds of settings.
If you get "Entity/field definitions Mismatch detected Mismatched entity and/or field definitions." you have to fix this issue before running updates.

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  • Use the modules User Default Page or Login Destination for login redirects in Drupal 8 and 7. The modules allow you… 3 months 2 weeks ago