Drupal Howtos

A how-to is a short description of how to accomplish a specific task. This is a compilation of Drupal related howto's which I provided to friends or which I applied myself. Targeting the Drupal beginner they provide simple and detailed step-by-step descriptions with pictures.

How to disable a particular part in the source code of CSS?

Sometimes you want to disable a part of the CSS code without deleting it. To do so you can put "/*" and "*/" around the code you want to disable. You can use the same method to add headings and comments to your CSS files.

css code

How to remove the preview button on a Drupal 8 contact form

This howto shows you 2 ways how you can easily remove the preview button from a Drupal 8 contact form (included in core).

Option 1. Use hook_form_alter()

One proposal is to utilize hook_form_alter() to strip out the preview button form element in any form. We did not test this solution, but according to the feedbacks on https://drupal.stackexchange.com it seem to work.

Drupal 8 work

How to disable the breadcrumb or menu trail using Drupal?

Breadcrumbs, breadcrumb trail or menu trail is a navigation aid used in user interfaces. It allows users to keep track of their locations within programs or documents.

How to copy a Drupal site within 10 minutes

There are many often complex and time consuming ways to copy a Drupal website from one webhosting company to another-one. This howto offers you instructions how to do it the easy way. It is based on the following assumptions: You have the same Drupal versions on both sides and Drupal is already installed at the destination.

Export of Drupal database using phpMyAdmin

How to make the embed Youtube player responsive using Drupal

Many Drupal modules such as Media: YouTube or Video Embed Field offer a very easy way to integrate the embed Youtube player as field. In a time where responsive design has become a must, it is quite surprising that they all don't offer any responsiveness. Furthermore most of the free and paid themes who integrate Youtube/Vimeo apparently also don't consider this aspect.

Howto troubleshoot error after Drupal upgrade to 7.31, 7.32, 7.33, 7.34, 7.35, 7.36, 7.37, 7.38, 7.39 (Notice: Undefined index)

After the the upgrade to the recent Drupal version (in our example Drupal 7.31 - 7.34) you might get one of these errors: Notice: Undefined index: name in system_requirements() (line 34 in ../modules/system/system.install) or Notice: Undefined index: version in system_requirements() (line 36 in ../modules/system/system.install), solution is the same! This howto shows you how to troubleshoot this error.

Drupal Views: More link" is not showing/displaying. How to solve the problem?

If you configure a view as a block and you want to display the more link ("More link: Yes") it might happen, that the more link does not show/display. The more link can only show it there is a page to which the link can point to. So if you only have a block in the view but no page, it will not display.

Adding a view page to display the "more" link of a view block

How to display search results as views

If you want to configure the appearance of the search result and/or improve the search results, the views module offers you a quick and very easy way to do so. With this solution you can 1. configure how the results look like i.e. what kind of fields are displayed and how the display is arranged and 2. determine how the results should be filtered and sorted.

Use the Drupal module "Node clone" to easily clone webforms

This howto shows you how you can easily and quickly clone a webform using the Drupal module "Node clone"

Drupal module node clone


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