How to create a Drupal view with future events / dates of nodes

All you have to do is create a new view that shows content of type 'event'... set that on the first page of creating your view. Make sure you check the 'block' option at the bottom - it's up to you whether you also want to create a page display or not, that's checked by default. Also, before moving onto the second page, make sure that your view is a list of 'fields' rather than 'teasers'.

On the next page, in order to limit to upcoming events, make sure you create a new filter on your view based on the event's date. To limit it to current and future events, you should enter a relative, as opposed to, a hard-coded date (see image below).

Another nice tutorial:

Important note: A very common problem occurs in the process, if you only enable the modules date and date API. You also need to enable Date Views. if you don't, you wont see the required filtering options.

How to create a Drupal view with future events/dates

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