How to enable Superfish menu in Danland/Danblog theme?

Step-by-step instructions how to enable the Superfish menu within the Danland theme or Danblog subtheme (Drupal 7).

Step 1: 
Enable "Show as expanded"

Go to Structure > Menus > Main menu. Enable the option "Show as expanded" for all the menu items you want to use with Superfish.

Selecting "Show as expanded" for menu items to be used with Superfish menu
Step 2: 
Place the Primary links block in the Superfish menu region

Go to Structure > Blocks. Place the "Main menu" block in the Superfish menu region, and "Save blocks"

Moving of main menu block in Superfish region
Step 3: 
Uncheck Main menu in Danland/Danblog

Go to Administer > Site building > Themes > Configure > Danland/Danblog. Uncheck the option "Main menu" In the section TOGGLE DISPLAY and "Save configuration".

Disabling of page element "main menu"

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