The best Drupal modules for the integration of Instagram

Recently we reviewed and tested the available modules for the integration of instagram into a Drupal website. Doing so we tested the following modules:

  1. Instagram Block (Drupal 8, Drupal 7)
  2. Drupagram (Drupal 7)
  3. Instagram Social Feed (Drupal 7)
  4. Instagram Feeds (Drupal 7)

While installing and configuring the 2. Drupagram and 3. Instagram Social Feed module we encountered some difficulties. Apparently these modules do not work properly "out of the box". Hence we recommend you not to use them. The installation and configuration of the 1. Instagram Block and the 4. Instagram Feeds module on the other hand went very smooth. They apparently both work perfectly "out of the box".

Recommended Drupal modules for the integration of Instagram

1. Instagram Block module (Drupal 8 and 7)

The Instagram Block module is a very simple, lightweight and easy to configure module. If you just want a block with a certain number of Instagram images and if you are happy with some basic configuration possibilities (such as number of images, image size, etc.) then this is the perfect module for you. You can virtually install and configure it within minutes.

Instagram Block

This is a very simple module that integrates with Instagram and creates a block containing your most recent instagram posts. The block's configuration page lets you choose how many posts and what size they should appear in the block. The images are individually exposed to the drupal theme layer, so developers have access to an all of the variables provided by the instagram api should they choose to extent the block.

2. Instagram Feeds (Drupal 7)

If you are looking for a more advanced integration, then Instagram Feeds module is the right choice. As the name indicates it creates a feed with whom the images and lots of meta data is fetched from Instagram and stored in your website/database. This brings the great advantage that you can now create pages and blocks using views. As you know this brings you maximum flexibility: Using views you can virtually create anything you wish! Though it is unsupported now, it still works nicely for Drupal 7 websites.

Instagram Feeds

This is a Feature module. It allows you to create Instagram feeds for your site that will download images from Instagram using filtering by hashtags and / or usernames. You can use default module presets, so the absolutely ready for use features will be available.

Instagram for Drupal

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