Use Disqus to build an active community

Usually it is essential for the development of a website to encourage user interaction. If you use the standard Drupal function “Comment” you will quickly realize that it is nice as a start but very limited too.

If you want to use an advanced service to build an active audience commenting your content I recommend you Disqus is a comments platform that helps you build an active community from your website's audience. It has awesome features, powerful tools, and it's easy to install.

In my point of view the key advantages:

- Very easy to install; the installation and configuration of the Disqus module and the registration @ virtually is done within seconds

- Users can comment contents of your website using the account they already have, since Disqus enables the visitors to login with their Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Disqus accounts

- The design is lovely and important functions such as vote-up / vote-down of comments and sharing of comments on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) are included too

- Finally offers you a powerful and yet easy to handle tool to configure the commenting and manage the user-comments (configuration and handling of approvals being maybe the most prominent example)

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