Use the module Responsive Menus to easily add a choice of responsive menus

Frequently it might happen that you implement a responsive theme but that you are not satisfied with responsive menu included. The module Responsive Menus offers you a very easy and quick way to add professional, simple and lightweight responsive menus to your theme.

Just install the module, enable it and add the required libraries to the folder sites/all/libraries (as instructed in the module configuration). The module currently includes the responsive menus: 1. Simple, 2. Codrops, 3. MeanMenu and 4. Sidr. With the release 7.x-1.5 the menu 5. Codrops Google Nexus will be added (more to be followed in the future).

Important note: After the adding of the libraries you might often get the message that the library added couldn't be found. This problem usually can very easily be solved by clearing the cache under Configuration > Development > Performance.

Responsive Menus

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