Use Taxonomy CSV import/export to create, clone or copy Taxonomies

Frequently it might happen that you want to create a new taxonomy, to clone an existing taxonomy within a website or to copy a taxonomy from one website to another. To save time and make further changes more flexible I recommend you to use the module Taxonomy CSV import/export. As the name indicates this very easy to handle module allows you to import and export taxonomies from/to .csv files. This allows you to create and change taxonomies within a spreadsheet editor such as Microsoft Excel or Open Office Spreadsheet, what is much more efficient than to manipulate vocabularies using the web interface.

Among other functions the module allows you to import common field types, import repeatable fields, import a hierarchical (tree) or a polyhierarchical vocabulary, import translations, import your hierarchical tree structure and your fields simultaneously and export names, fields, tree, translations, etc. to a csv file. The module furthermore includes the possibility to update vocabularies, what makes your life much easier if you want to change or extend your vocabulary in the future.

Drupal module "Taxonomy CSV import/export"

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