Use "Virtual Sites" to create subsites or virtual sites (multi-site feature)

If you want to create an additional website without the installation of an another instance of Drupal or if you want to create a subsite or virtual site without the complicated set-up of the multi-site feature, I recommend you the module "Virtual Sites". It allows you to set-up an additional site within very short time. All you need to do is to install the module, to add a new virtual site and to configure it.

Within the configuration you can alter key settings for the virtual site. To start with you can define the content of the virtual site using different conditions (pages and paths, sites, host names and browsers included/excluded). Then you can define the startpage, the site name and slogan, select a source for the primary and secondary menu and choose and configure a theme. Finally you can choose the URL of the virtual site by defining a "Base URL" which will be used for all the sites included. Optimally you create such a subdomain, so that the included sites are not only displayed with this URL, but can also be accessed by it. If you are a little familiar with Drupal, you can set-up and configure a virtual site within 30-60 minutes.

Drupal module "Virtual Sites"

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