Meta Tags in Drupal 8: Special elements beyond nodes/taxonomies/views

Meta tags in Drupal 7 was super easy: With the modules Meta Tag and Meta Tags Quick you could do anything. In Drupal 8 the module meta tag covers the standard cases but meta tags quick is not available in a usable version. So what to do? As it seems there is only one flexible and easy solution: The module Context Metadata relying on the module Context.

With Context Metadata the adding of metatags for paths - as alternative to the Drupal 7 metatags quick - and other elements is super easy.

  1. Install and enable the modules
  2. Go to structure > context
  3. Add a context
  4. Add a condition to the context (for example "Request Path" for a path-based meta tag)
  5. Add the reaction "Context Metadata"
  6. Configure the meta tags
Drupal module context metadata

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