Use the Drupal module "jQuery AJAX Load" for a quick and easy AJAX integration

jQuery AJAX Load is an helper module for easy loading any content using build in jQuery load function. It allows you for a quick and easy Ajax integration.

Just enable the module and add class .jquey_ajax_load to any link, URL content (without other regions) will be loaded on #jquery_ajax_load_target element. Those classes and id could be personalized to your needs. Target element coould be set on a per-link basis using the data-target attribute to define a valid jQuery ID.

  • Define the Valid jQuery Classes (Example: .jquey_ajax_load)
  • Add a valid jQuery ID where AJAX callback will be rendered (Example the region #ajax)
  • Add class .jquey_ajax_load to any link you want to trigger an AJAX load @ jQuery ID

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